Since the creation of DEYDE Chile Data Quality in 2016, activity in the country has continued at a good pace, in line with the expansion strategy set by the group.

In keeping with the short term strategy, the goal in Chile is to repeat the successes made in Spain, Mexico and Colombia, from MyDataQ, a solid module base capable of guaranteeing to make a difference in data quality management. With MyDataQ companies can be more efficient, cut costs and permanently improve the quality of the information contained in their databases.  In the medium term, the service will be expanded to incorporate more functions in order to increase cover and position itself as a leader in the Data Quality sector.

For over 15 years DEYDE, by means of the MyDataQ solution has offered a set of solutions aimed at improving database quality: standardization and correction of names and postal address, identification of duplicated entries, geographical positioning of postal addresses or validation of contact data (telephone number or email address). In this way, companies will also have a a unique perspective of their customers.

Chile is a highly stable country with a mature information market and an advanced level of technology which is constantly growing. This situation, together with the increase in local investment in technological solutions aimed at the development and success of their businesses have been decisive factors for DEYDE when choosing Chile as a  route of entry to continue its international expansion.

Additionally, the sales and technical team of Chile have also strengthened relations with their counterparts in Spain by means of a training and cultural exchange period which has been very satisfactory for both.

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