Empresas que confían la calidad de los datos a DEYDE

The Loyalty Awards were presented during the event held in Madrid

Since its creation in 2001, DEYDE has worked towards a single and exclusive goal: Obtain maximum data quality for all its customers.

By way of celebrating its 15th anniversary, on 16 November, DEYDE, the company specialising in Data Quality technology, met with its customers and partners at the event in which the company wanted to celebrate and show its gratitude for the support received during all these years.

Attendance at the event was exceptional, with more than 80 senior managers from a variety of sectors, such as banking, insurance, the hotel industry and telecommunications. The senior management of DEYDE took advantage of the occasion to highlight a commitment to long-term loyalty. Similarly, it announced its desire to continue innovating in the area of Data Quality, without neglecting the most important part of its success, its customers.

As a sign of this commitment, Luis Martínez, the Managing Director of DEYDE, presented the Loyalty Awards to three companies with which DEYDE has been working together for years: MAPFRE, DTS (Movistar+) and IDISO Hotel Distribution, the latter being a company that provides services to Meliá Hotels International. During the presentation, the senior manager reminded those present of the distinguishing features of the company: innovation, honesty and talent, which allows them to successfully adapt to the new demands and opportunities that arise in the market.

“Since the creation of DEYDE in 2001 we have consolidated a business model based on specialisation and excellence”, Luis Martínez pointed out, “Even though we came about with a very specific Data Quality business model, the advance in technology has opened up a new commercial perspective, which allows us to continue innovating and become more internationalised, with the goal of helping our customers see their businesses grow”

A point of reference in data quality

With a clear objective since its creation in 2001, working to obtain the maximum quality of data for all its clients, DEYDE has grown as a point of reference thanks to the good standing of its MyDataQ software and its specialisation in applying Data Quality. The company has been able to consolidate itself as one of the best suppliers in this field, capable of improving the identification and localisation information of customers, and with a guaranteed quality of its services.

With an international vision, DEYDE has provided specific solutions for different European countries (Spain, Portugal and Italy) as well as South American: Mexico, where the DEYDE Data Quality México office was opened in 2012, and Columbia, with a direct presence since 2015 through DEYDE Colombia Calidad de Datos. DEYDE has also developed a global solution for the other countries around the world, MyDataQ Global.

DEYDE currently has more than 500 million annual optimised registries of names and addresses, and provides its services to companies from a variety of sectors (insurance, banking, education, food industry, etc.).

This successful international and multi-sector strategy, as well as its local know how, have allowed the company to close the last year with an increase in its business greater than 10% over the global level, and more than 20% in South America and its forecasts for 2016 place its growth at over 10%. In addition, DEYDE has been also been recognised as the only Spanish company as a contender to enter the Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools de Gartner.

PHOTOGRAPHS of DEYDE’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

VIDEO of DEYDE’s 15th Anniversary Celebration