This alliance provides Credirisk with the option to carry out autonomous database standardisation processes for its customers

DEYDE expands its range and confirms its capability to process data in other languages such  as Portuguese

DEYDE, technology leader in Data Quality, and Credirisk, the leading consulting company in Portugal, have joined forces to move forward in relation to Data Quality and therefore offer a better service to their customers.
Framed within an international collaboration agreement, this new alliance offers Credirisk the possibility of commercialising its solutions in risk management and regulatory compliance in a joint manner with MyDataQ, a data quality tool with a specific solution adapted to the Portuguese market and language.

“At DEYDE, we are still committed to commercial partnerships and the promotion of our alliances with leading companies in our sector. Credirisk is the only company in Portugal with a complete range of solutions for Risk, the Prevention of Money Laundering, Collections, the Monitoring of Predictive Models, Basel II/ III and Customer Value”, confirms Mario Peñas, Key Account Manager at DEYDE. “Therefore, this agreement allows us to expand our range, as well as confirm the capability and quality of our solutions to also standardise data in Portuguese”.

Accurate, up-to-date and precise information thanks to MyDataQ

With the integration with DEYDE’s MyDataQ, Credirisk can autonomously carry out the database standardisation processes for its customers, this being a prior phase to the application of its specialised solutions in assisting in the prevention of fraud and money-laundering. Specifically, and thanks to the integration with MyDataQ, the customers of Credirisk will be able to:

Detect incorrect registries and standardise names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses;
• Identify duplicate registries on their Databases and obtain an overall view of their customers;
Enrich their databases with geographic coordinates and census tracts, which will allow them to segment and perform an in-depth analysis of their customer portfolio.

“The alliance with DEYDE reinforces our value proposition. MyDataQ is a data standardisation and enrichment tool that efficiently permits the safe and simple improvement and maintenance of the quality of the Databases of customers without the need for a dedicated infrastructure, thereby optimising costs and increasing the efficiency of their marketing actions”, states Luis Moreira, Director of Business Solutions that Credirisk.

Credirisk is an international consultancy firm whose strategic target is financial entities and insurers, with technological solutions certified as Basel compliant. Within this context they have developed Argus®, a solution whose main functionality is to support them in controlling money-laundering, in accordance with the rules of the local supervisor and, of course, international law. Argus has specific filtering and monitoring modules for individual or group transactions.

About Credirisk

Credirisk is a consultancy firm created in 2003, the only one in Portugal with a complete range of solutions for Risk, Collections, Monitoring of Predictive Models, Basel II/ III and Customer Value. It operates in different industries, such as banking, telecommunications, finance and insurance companies.